Fable 2 – Fastest weight loss trick

Fable 2 Developer: Lionhead Studios Publisher: Microoft Game Studios Platform: Xbox360 Genre: RPG Background music: Final Fantasy 7 OST So you must be embarr…


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47 Responses to “Fable 2 – Fastest weight loss trick”

  1. Hiyaaaa! Have you heard the talk about – fast abs magic (search on google)?
    Ive heard some awesome things about it and my m8 got great 6 pack abs and
    lost a lot of fat with it.

  2. Lol brownstone market

  3. @Nuggetol yer 😛

  4. yay! Final Fantasy 7 soundtrack

  5. This way takes far too long I have found an easier way

  6. @DiedSolider43 I’m replaying all the Fables, so yes =)

  7. This helped thanks

  8. where do you get your armor

  9. I lost 75+ pounds! In a very easy way and eating all I wanted! I can’t post
    the link here but if you go to my profile, you can see it on my profile’s
    description Now I’ll start with the workout!!!!! :)

  10. He probably used to be a corrupted evil man that kills innocents and
    guards. Maybe he started become good. The adult ones will love you, but the
    kids are traumatized.


  12. @FreakyFandom I know right? I wore the ranger outfit and the plate at the
    front makes you look fat, so i took it off and realised i actually7 was
    fat. All I had was 1 pie… And no matter how much good stuf i ate, even
    when my fatness rating was 0, i was still lookibg fat……. :(

  13. Haha! It works! So just shut up about it not working.

  14. All Fable games are Gay 😀

  15. that was so epic lol


  17. this dosent work you lier!

  18. TheSims2MovieGirl1 Reply February 16, 2014 at 1:28 am

    ok ok! I subbed! Please don’t kill me!! (LOL)

  19. XPimabotdfzombieX3 Reply February 16, 2014 at 1:56 am

    WTF she got fatter!!! O_________O

  20. Looks more like fable 3 but watever

  21. familiar soundtrack…. hmm… gotta be some RPG I know

  22. Is your name ‘miss mir’ because you’re in love with frank mir or something?

  23. Thinning potions on Knothole Island. Anyone who hasn’t bought the DLC yet
    is a fucking tool. This is not the fast way, it’s the slow way. Pretty sure
    DLC came out before the video.

  24. how did you get that much money

  25. Thank you sooooo much

  26. thx helped alot

  27. eat one fucking pie and get so fat. ffs

  28. Any body want garth hero dolls I have 4 of them from failing the shooting
    range I would like a different doll or master katana in return :)

  29. @Copoutuk i like fable (1) music and halo (1 and 2) music and paper mario
    (1 and 2) music and dark cloud (1) music and the legend of zelda (every
    game all about 20 lol wtf but true) music

  30. u killed ur daddy lol

  31. it doesnt have 2 be celery scroll over food to which makes u skinny and u
    can figure it out from there it’s common knowledge but good vid :)

  32. smart person

  33. i thought she was a guy married to another guy but then i saw the boobs

  34. @JediTc when do you age into a full male or woman?

  35. Great ending XD

  36. thanx for the tip and damn i like that outfit! can you tell me your items
    you have on plz

  37. @jesustonight where is the music from?? I remember it just dont remember
    where from

  38. funny endding XD

  39. @DiedSolider43 just finished fable2 actually

  40. ha thats probably the best game video ive ever seen ahah

  41. Зиновий Варенников Reply February 16, 2014 at 8:09 am

    i like when he was shooting everyone:)

  42. @Nuggetol its sepheroth’s theme :)

  43. XPimabotdfzombieX3 Reply February 16, 2014 at 8:33 am

    LOL i fort id lose weight by running everywhere i had one piece of rancid
    pie!! OoO!!!

  44. Nice Ass!!

  45. Oh hey! Have you thought about the Fat Blast Furnace (just google it)? Ive
    heard some awesome things about it and my sister lost plenty of fat.

  46. XPimabotdfzombieX3 Reply February 16, 2014 at 9:40 am

    i was doing the same XD

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