Extreme Health USA Extreme Health’s Organic Oolong Tea, Total Health Loose Leaf Tea, 8-Ounce Pouches

Oolong is a traditional Chinese tea somewhere between green and black in oxidation. It brings all the benefits of Green Tea with high concentrations of antioxidants and beneficial polyphenols, and is believed to support the body’s natural process to burn fat and support weight loss.

Product Features

  • Traditionally used to curb appetite, fat burning and weight loss
  • Experts quote loose leaf tea is superior to tea bags
  • USDA Certified, organically grown and selected for its very high concentrations of antioxidants
  • Loose leaf 4 oz. yields 60 or more servings; the 8 oz. yields 120 or more servings, excellent value


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3 Responses to “Extreme Health USA Extreme Health’s Organic Oolong Tea, Total Health Loose Leaf Tea, 8-Ounce Pouches”

  1. Ubelieveable!!! The tea’s taste is fine. It shipped out fast (with amazon prime), and i’ve been drinking it every morning for the past couple of days. However, this morning i brewed a cup like i’ve been doing every morning and i noticed a pungent but familiar smell i couldnt shake. I strained the tea, sifted through the leaves with my fingers, and to my surprise i found a cigarette bud. Yes, a cigarette bud. Im not even going to bother going through the hassle of making a return; i just know for a fact that…

  2. C. Young "C. Young" Reply January 29, 2014 at 9:31 pm

    This is a Strong and Flavorful Oolong Tea I like oolong tea, but everything I could find locally was either mixed with black tea or was very weak and came in compressed nuggets that wouldn’t expand properly in water. I even tried several local Chinese import stores to no avail. Extreme Health’s oolong tea, however, is exactly what I was looking for; a bold oolong tea, like I used to find in Japan, with dried bundles of leaves that expand to fill the tea pot. When I first bought this tea, I thought the price was a little high, but…

  3. A staple I won’t do without! 0

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