Eat Green Tea – Edible Green Tea Explained

Founder, Anthony Codispoti, discusses the benefits of eating whole green tea leaves. Particularly noteworthy: 1 teaspoon of Edible Green Tea Leaves carries t…


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9 Responses to “Eat Green Tea – Edible Green Tea Explained”

  1. it would be 30 cups wouldn’t it…not 29 or 31…typical sales spiel, i
    don’t believe a word of this shit

  2. The risk of just eating any green tea is the potential for ingesting
    impurities including heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides. Some of these
    elements are not water soluble so they are less of a concern when drinking
    tea. But become a real issue when actually eating the leaves. Heavy metals
    in very small quantities can be particularly disruptive to the central
    nervous system.

  3. I’ve been drinking mostly green tea and pu-erh for a few years and have
    very recently gotten the bright idea to eat the leaves after they’re spent.
    This heavy metal issue is distressing. But just once I would like to see
    something really informative and unbiased either in print or on video where
    they weren’t promoting their own product.

  4. i still remember when i was small i follow my mom every morning to spill
    this plant with water we use to clean fish. no offend but my 107 years
    grand pa who pass away 5 years back once told me this “drink this tea in
    moderation just like what my grand father did”. so my advice to all of us
    is also the same – everything in moderation. if a tea spoon of green tea
    leaves is equivalent to 30 over cups..remember we probably drink 4 cups
    green tea a day.

  5. as an asian i was taught that tea is to drink so i drink green tea. its a
    tradition…our family tradition never eat green tea and i dont think the
    revolution to eat green tea is a good alternative. some people practice
    things because it came naturally and some they are revolutionist expert.
    this what i was taught but again its all up to us and how we see things.

  6. did you search for the purest/cleanest tea for the sake of finding the best
    of the best? or is there a real risk to eating just whatever tea from the
    store? id like to try it, but right now ive just got some lipton teabags.

  7. I used to eat my green tea leaves after steeping them but i heard that the
    tannins in the leaves can cause cancer of the esophogus. What are your
    thoughts on that?

  8. whats the website…?

  9. Informative commercial! Thank you.

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