Easy Weight Loss Drink Oolong Tea Proof!

My review of Oolong tea, it helped me with little effort and cost! Easy weight loss assistance with Oolong tea aka WuLang Tea is from the same plant the Gree…


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30 Responses to “Easy Weight Loss Drink Oolong Tea Proof!”

  1. thank you for sharing this and giving hope to a struggling dieter !bless
    you !..

  2. Hello Mizz Keep It Real have question regarding the wulang Tea where can u
    buy it or where did u purchase it ?

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  4. It is still great it has become a great addition to my life, my only regret
    is I did not know about it sooner lol

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  6. man you fine !!

  7. Hows the tea after one year?

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  10. Hi, I know you said to drink an hour before working out, what about before
    eating, is it more effective to drink it 1 hour before eating or 30 minutes
    before eating?

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  13. I wanna try!

  14. this does actually work! i drink about 4 cups a day,only been about 3
    weeks, amazing change!.. thanks for uploading and sharing this amazing
    proof and benefit of oolong tea..

  15. you sure it curbs hunger ? If I drink oolong tea I get hungry .

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  17. And my metabolism seems to be working like it did when i was in high
    school…I can eat what ever I want now and not gain weight..I went from
    148 to 125 in about six weeks and now I’m under 120 …I worked for me and
    it gives me lots of energy too!

  18. Thanks and yes that was me at 160 lbs apprx I lost around 15-20lbs by my
    second month but my 1st month I lost 5lbs so in month 2 I really noticed a
    difference. Month 3, I had lost 25 lbs all together since I started I am
    currently fluxuating between 128-133 and I drink 1 to 2 cups a day. I
    slowed down drinking 3 or 4 cups a day since I am at my target weight.

  19. I drank the tea for a month before I noticed 5lbs lost the 2nd month I
    noticed 10lbs more lost it continues to work and once I lost what I wanted
    I still drink the teat I love it all I did was cut back to 2 cups a day.

  20. where did you buy the tea at

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  24. Im sooooo happy i just got my Oolong tea 3days ago. :)

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  26. Stepfanie Farronay Reply December 2, 2013 at 11:11 pm

    wow you look amazing i am trying to look for which is the best tea for me
    to looseweight and also currently going to the gym4times a week…. can i
    buy this at any asian food store or do they have it only in amazon?

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  28. Exactly :) it was easy for me to find at a local asian food store and cheap
    I am glad I found out about this tea.

  29. Thank you and thats one of the reason I tried it many reviewers on Amazon
    said they only drink it for the taste.

  30. Thanxs will add to my diet:-)

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