Easy Weight Loss

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49 Responses to “Easy Weight Loss”

  1. So what happened to “No pain no gain”?

  2. Lmao

  3. workout smart not hard . that helped me OG allready losy countless pounds
    of fat this shiznit is da shiz na mean

  4. Damn, I only hoped we could learn from the most ghetto person that ever
    existed. By the way, I really enjoy your second channel. You could do some
    ‘dialogue’ with that Dean Leysen fellow 😀

  5. laughed so hard at 1:05

  6. Genetical * … but if Furious says genetistical its genetistical

  7. Furious Where do you go to church on Sunday?

  8. Fruit is super healthy.

  9. FreestyleLilWayne Reply April 3, 2014 at 2:53 am

    I swear to fucking Christ your the only youtuber I regularly laugh out loud
    for real too

  10. ShortCUT to lose weight. Too punny.

  11. I decided to remove my brain to lose weight following your advice,
    obviously as I’m a woman it doesn’t get used much sadly it didn’t make
    difference as it was so small.

  12. Haha 😀 thanks for answer, I hope to meet you one day :) You got a lot of
    fans here.

  13. What languages do you speak? What’s your first language?

  14. huenex lightbringer Reply April 3, 2014 at 5:02 am

    step 1. take a shit

  15. Doista, jabuka.

  16. The first recorded “fad” diet was started by US president William Howard
    Taft. He was so fat he got stuck in his bathtub and was so embarrassed he
    started to diet. In a radio speech he basically told Americans to get off
    their fat asses and diet. The rest is history.

  17. Don’t do that! We have enough brainless women.

  18. Not sure if this video got invaded by spambots or 4chan >_>

  19. But… I thought you could buy them at the black market,, u know,, sell
    high, buy low, just like world of warcraft

  20. i dont watch TV TV is for pussys my friend (russian accent)

  21. Damn those peels have mad Cellulose Levels! Bitches Love Cellulose!

  22. Why I watch OGFurious’ videos? 30% content 70% Furious replying to

  23. aight furious?

  24. Whai u no wearing a t-shirt?

  25. Psst. He’s not being serious. I know right, it’s like hearing gravity
    exists, it’s a right kicker.

  26. Her. HnGGG

  27. Imagine shredding weight quickly? Well Fast Fat Furlong will make you lose
    weight… Period.. Give it a go, just search the phrase Fast Fat Furlong.

  28. Love it

  29. You can use a cat as a vibrator it’s also good for the bones

  30. if i cut down the wife, will that help my weight loss?

  31. This shit is the real deal.


  33. testicules

  34. If people actually do it., then just consider it evolution at work. For
    more information on evolution, check out Dean Leysen’s videos.

  35. So you came once and now you’re going to go watch porn. You must be some
    kind of Superman.

  36. ColdNorthProductions Reply April 3, 2014 at 11:13 am

    I certainly lost some weight after watching this video, butit was mostly of
    the liquid kind.

  37. It would be a shame for you not to bulk up when other normal people
    accomplish it easily with Trim Fat Maximizer (go google it).

  38. bwahahahahahaha

  39. These tips are working really really well for me

  40. I’ve heard of this, they call it the D.C. Diet?

  41. Is that all your women got in her home that vibrates?

  42. wow spammers gotta spam i guess

  43. YO, fo real you is got some of da tightest shitz on the internets son

  44. You are a sociolological genius <3

  45. really. ps2

  46. no pain no gain!

  47. Runnin does not only impact yo feet. That’s the dumbest shit a gangsta can
    say. Think before you do dat.

  48. Did you mean to say Enough, apple?

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