Drink Green Tea Every Day (Music Video)

Mike extols the virtues and amazing health benefits of drinking green tea in his newest music video. Loaded with antioxidants and known to help fight cancer,…


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41 Responses to “Drink Green Tea Every Day (Music Video)”

  1. Awesome!

  2. Sebastian TheKeyBoardDude Reply January 7, 2014 at 9:07 am

    seeing this for the first time, is this adorable or is it? oh and mike –
    that wig actually looks great on you lmao! peace!

  3. This song better be on iTunes

  4. it’s not, but it is on google play…peace

  5. @Cyapro what about orange tea?

  6. @loveforeignaccents yup, i sure did, thanks for watching…peace

  7. Nice video, my friend. Ironically, I had just drunk some green tea before I
    viewed this video. Good stuff.

  8. Electronics Engineering Tutorials Reply January 7, 2014 at 10:27 am

    The question is, peace or war?!

  9. @songcovers cool…peace

  10. @Trandul sweet…hope you enjoyed the vid…peace

  11. @Zeyadu thanks, had fun making this vid…please share and enjoy…peace

  12. @holyfox6894 that sound like a lot, but, hey, go for it, man…glad u
    enjoyed the video…peace

  13. thank you…peace

  14. @hightide147 cool, please share and enjoy the vid…peace

  15. I was drinking green tea while watching this. Love the vid! ^^

  16. @kilsya1 thanks, hope you enjoy some green tea today…peace

  17. @FahadRyu fantastic…spread the news!

  18. @2love1022 no i do not…peace

  19. This is so cute, I love it. I was drinking a cup of green tea just before
    watching. I like putting lemon slices in it. :)

  20. @Fhernandatm thanks for the rave review!

  21. lol mike, your hilarious =D

  22. Respond to this video… me too, its a great way to start the day…peace

  23. Should get more views ;'(

  24. what about orange tea?

  25. love your videos man your great man the godfather of drinking tea the guru:)

  26. @clenelyn cool, thanks for watching…peace

  27. cool man!!!

  28. Your a cool guys:)

  29. @midnit19 cool…thanks for stopping by, please share this vid with

  30. @livelife365 does it have the same benefits as green tea?

  31. I made a nice cup of Che Xanh after watching this video.

  32. drink green beer?

  33. @killgroup cool, thanks for sharing…peace

  34. after ur original video drink green tea, i drank 6-8 cups everyday, from
    chubby to fit to ripped, i worked-out in gym everyday with it.

  35. WOW soo beautiful this is one of my favorite video!! love your song and
    funny thing you do, take care! drink green tea everyday! live happy!

  36. nice video Mike, im 17 years old and for the past 3 years after i saw your
    green tea vid ive been drinking it and i feel great… my brother makes fun
    of me for watching your videos but u actually have great healthy tips..

  37. but hey love green tea too :)

  38. @MrCupcakesrock thanks, peace…

  39. Do you drink coffee?? ^^

  40. Do you know if all matcha is organic? Seems you wood want it to be
    otherwise you’d be drinking the whole leaf AND it’s pesticides…

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