DIY DETOX TEA | Weight Loss, Clear Skin, Flat Stomach SECRET!!

Thumbs up if you liked watching this video!! Make this Simple Detox Tea to get great lean, to get clear skin, and to stay healthy. My Morning Routine: ——— Follow…


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37 Responses to “DIY DETOX TEA | Weight Loss, Clear Skin, Flat Stomach SECRET!!”

  1. A lot of you have been asking where you can get organic Brahmi. You can
    find it very easily on Amazon, eBay, organic stores and health food stores.
    Hope that helps!! Lots of love <3

  2. Hi Himani,

    Happy New Year to you..I have just started watching your DIY videos and I
    just love them. Please advise where we can find Brahmi in Melbourne?Cant
    wait to try it!! Keep up the amazing videos, you ROCK :-)



  3. hey Himani,how many time a day do u drink this tea PLUS if i dont find
    ORGANIC BRAHMI anywhere wat ingredients should i look for in any DETOX

  4. Happy new year angel:*may you have lovely year..thanx for the video gonna
    buy this Asap xoxo

  5. What do use for ur teeth -do u whiten them their amazing xx

  6. Aisha Begum Nazia Reply January 9, 2015 at 7:01 am

    Can I ask you what is ur opinion on bleach. I want to bleach my face but am
    thinking whether I should…..

  7. Yhadira cardona ramirez Reply January 9, 2015 at 7:15 am

    Question how good does it clear your skin cuz these blackheads I have are
    just killing me I really wanna try this tea but just wanted to ask about
    that thanks lovely

  8. Happy new year Himani. I want to know what is the difference between green
    tea and detoxifying tea?

  9. +Himani Wright I have got tje org brahmi and lemon juice! I am going to
    make this tea soon thank you so much hun!♥ love u xx

  10. I love your laugh it’s so infectious and yet you can still look so
    beautiful at the same time! So gonna try this detox drink tmr ^^

  11. Exactly what I was lookng for..thnxx a ton Himani!! Plz share ur Diy
    shampoo video as well. Wil luv 2 see dat.!

  12. Love love your videos Himani :) huggss u r a sweet chirpy looking girl:)

  13. Glitterand Gumdrops Reply January 9, 2015 at 9:01 am

    I love how all of your videos are short and sweet! Also the quality of this
    video is amazing! As Always!!!

  14. Happy New year Himani

  15. Very nice video dear plz do one heavy coconut hair oiling routine video

  16. what is the brahmi tea ? first time to hear this name

  17. It’s really good for you!!

  18. Maybe adding died root of liquorice would make sweeter? and it’s beneficial
    for your health too :) 

  19. Aww your looking very beautiful and your videos are so much fun to watch.
    Thanks for a great tea recipe. I am your new subscriber I recently found
    your videos. God bless you keep up the good work. Happy New year.

  20. Hiya a subscriber here of ur videos.
    Wow ur skin is absolutely gorgeous!!!
    Can I ask what’s ur face care routine every day?

  21. Theresa Kraxenberger Reply January 9, 2015 at 10:57 am

    Thank you so much can’t wait to try 

  22. Is Brahmi tulsi?

  23. Himani, is there another name for Brahmi in Indian stores? I’m sure I’ve
    seen this spice before, but it was sold under a different name. Thanks!

  24. Happy New Year to you Himani :) could u do a ‘DIY video of how to get rid
    of dark underarms?’ It’ll be really helpful for me ! 

  25. Hi, is it same as tulsi Brahmi? Because I can only find tulsi Brahmi on

  26. Happy new year love :)

  27. Happy new year

  28. Gotta try this :)

  29. Thanx dear doo soon

  30. Happy New Year, my lovelies!! :) Let’s start our new year with your
    requested video!! This detox tea is amazing and it requires only 2
    ingredients! :) LET’S DO THIS!! xoxo

  31. Thank you so much. You have been so helpful. Love ya and keep up the good

  32. Do you think thyme tea can be use too?

  33. Where did you get bramhi from

  34. Yay :)

  35. Happy New Year Himani I wish your life together with lots of happiness,
    health and Love <3
    You are such a cute couple Himani God bless you..
    Now I’m in search of Brahmi.
    Lots of Love<3

  36. Awesome, will research more about the tea.

  37. BeautyForever by Aksha Shetty Reply January 9, 2015 at 2:21 pm

    Hi… all your vedios you’ve been such a inspiration for me and I’ve
    also just started my New channel ….would really appreciate if you’d
    subscribe to my channel it would be so nice of you help me in growing in
    this field………xoxoxo

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