Diets & Weight Loss How to cut up a pineapple – Foods to lose weight

Diets don’t work! Weight loss and eating the right foods are synonymous with each other. Know how to cut up a pineapple? You can work out all you want but if…


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44 Responses to “Diets & Weight Loss How to cut up a pineapple – Foods to lose weight”

  1. Diets! Stop the madness

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  4. You’re welcome, I only speak the truth! 😉

  5. KeomanyKareye7d520c7 Reply February 4, 2014 at 3:27 pm

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  6. Thanks Glockman :)

  7. You’re awesome. Sexy even cutting up a pineapple lol 😉

  8. Thank you for watching :)

  9. Fruits are an crucial part of losing weight – pineapples are one of our
    favorites because they’re so sweet. Thanks for sharing this with us!

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  12. You’re welcome Kyle. It will ripen fast so keep an eye on it :)

  13. BabeeBlueOnTheTown Reply February 4, 2014 at 5:10 pm

    Ha!! Who knew you could just twist the top off like that?!? I
    didn’t…keepin secrets from me huh?? I’ll have to give it a try:))

  14. Thank you guys :)

  15. Very cool, Cindy. :)

  16. BabeeBlueOnTheTown Reply February 4, 2014 at 6:09 pm

    Haha yepper;))

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  19. FullSpectrumSurvival Reply February 4, 2014 at 7:21 pm

    Great video! Everyone should watch this.

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  21. I’m in love…

  22. Thank you Juan :)

  23. are them pineapples also loaded in HOLY SHIT YOUR A HOT BABE??? because if
    so I want a bunch of them…. heehee your hubby is super LUCKY that rat
    bastard!!! I mean it in the “he is a lucky Whatsname” haha.. howly cow
    :-).. thanks hottie…

  24. Those things are tough to give up. We have a lot of cheat days though :)

  25. Thanks to you gorgeous to easy tomorrow I’ll be showing off by cutting my
    first pineapple.. lol

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  28. All good advice – love pineapples

  29. Cute ♥_♥

  30. how do you know when the pineapple is ripe? by the color? or feel? always
    scared to buy a fresh one because I don’t know. thanks!

  31. I didn’t know that you didn’t know how to do that…. you should come over
    more often :)

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  33. That’s great……..yeah doing it yourself saves money too. Thanks for
    watching and commenting :) Cindy

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  35. Pineapple is an awesome fruit. Pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain. The
    effectiveness of bromelain weakens significantly after an hour of cutting
    the husk. If you are sore the next day after a workout or if you have an
    injury, slice a pineapple and eat to your hearts content, within the first
    hour, and it will aid in healing.

  36. Scott Schrandt Sr. Reply February 4, 2014 at 11:48 pm

    I just started cutting my own. I used to buy them cut up and packaged in a
    plastic cup. The cost is about 1/3 if you slice it yourself. Love your

  37. Me and my wife always have a pineapple on hand. At least until July when
    the watermelons are ripe.

  38. I love fresh pineapple. Yum! :)

  39. Thank you so much, i definitely gonna eat this fruit in future.

  40. Yummy ,Love them .

  41. The Pineapple industry should hire you… well done.

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