Dieting : How to Starve Yourself

Starving yourself is not a good way to lose weight, but supervised detoxes can be helpful in cleansing the body and losing a few pounds. Consult a profession…


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45 Responses to “Dieting : How to Starve Yourself”

  1. I did starve using vodka over 2 month’s. It worked and I lost a stone. I
    kept the weight off for 6 month’s and then stopped the drink and changed my
    lifestyle and how I thought about food.

  2. And I’m 12!

  3. Working out and eating right doesn’t make everyone lose weight. Thyroid
    disease can cause you to gain weight and you cannot stop it. You can
    starve, diet, workout, be athletic ect.. Sometimes nothing works. I don’t
    condone starving, but I’ve tried it. I lost 15 lbs or so and gained it
    back. I’ve tried it all. Just be mindful of the chronic illness people who
    aren’t able to get up and workout 3 times a day everyday of the week. Some
    people are to ill to do that. 

  4. Im an anorexic im 11 yrsmold dont do it ur gonna ruin ur lives dont starve
    urself take it from me an anorexic stop it while u can!!??:(

  5. Come on! I’ve already said, DON’T DO IT!!! Especially if you’re underweight
    already or if you have any disorders/ sicknesses. I’ve got a huge disorder
    called anorexia 

  6. So do not do it! It’s not my fault I’m anorexic because I eat loads and
    excerise but I never gain anything! So in other words its not my fault I’m
    anorexic but if you starve yourself then it will be your fault if you
    become anorexic. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 

  7. welcom2fancysworld Reply April 4, 2014 at 1:53 am

    @mizcourtneyn starving urself is simple like she said just dont eat. DUHHHH
    People b like OMG im starving!! Why? Because they havent eaten all day or
    have eaten close to nothing. Its obvious how to starve urself. What u want
    to know (in my opinion) is HOW to not eat. The answer is: Willpower. You
    have to be strong minded if u want to stick with it. Drink lots of water,
    keep busy, dont think about food. Reward yourself, for NOT eating. If u
    dont have the mental power to do this, u will e

  8. eat less and workout….that’s it.

  9. I agree with you. I am tired of people saying that it will do this and it
    will do that to the body. I starved myself for 3 months and lost 75 pounds.
    Once I reached my goal weight, I ate vegetables, fruits and salads. I also
    broke a food addiction. I used to eat a lot of food. It was quick compared
    to taking it slow over months and even years.

  10. @Derka33 right on! really it’s not that hard to say insted of being like
    bla bla bla

  11. i love food :-)

  12. How to lose weight: exersise -.-

  13. @KauilaniC Yes, but thats YOU. Not everybody has the same body type as you.
    But good for you I’d love to do something like that.

  14. Katherine doesntcare Reply April 4, 2014 at 3:52 am

    I’m 11 and I starve myself…DON’T DO IT! U feel so week and I start
    shaking 24/7!!! U can’t run as fast, ect! Point is its not worth it and
    certainly don’t recommend it.

  15. Dudes I am a 5′ 8 160 pound dancer and I have tried starving, and throwing,
    so I would never condemn anyone who has tried it. I just have to say one
    thing to anyone who is trying it: IT DOESN’T WORK!!! Not in the long run,
    and if you don’t want to ride a health roller coaster for the rest of your
    life, do not do it. There are 3500 cal. to 1 lb. of fat. With any kind of
    exercise (I recommend jump rope,) you must burn more than you consume, and
    above all, you must have patience.

  16. Ghihan Katupitiya Reply April 4, 2014 at 4:23 am

    Hi, have you heard about “Belly Fat Blaze” (search on Google for it)? On
    their website you will find a practical free video. This made it easier for
    Rebecca to get rid of her tummy fat. I hope it will work for you too.

  17. You can survive 55 days without eating.

  18. @Staceyxxxify Please don’t try that, you’d die! my friend lived on water
    for a week and destroyed her liver she’s only 14

  19. I lost 20 pounds in 14 days, i wouldnt recommend it for ANYONE! not only
    have i lost alot of muscle but i also ended up being anemic.

  20. I starved myself for 9 months and lost 11 and a half stone. I survived
    drinking tea and water. I DON’T RECCOMMEND IT! I now have loads of excess
    skin and suffer from Gallbladder disease and have to have it removed due to
    it breaing down too much fats and I suffer Acute Pancreatitis. Don’t be
    stupid like I was! Listen to the lady’s words of advice. Paul Donald,

  21. I found out that I ate 800 calories a day. Being healthier is tough, but
    now I eat 1000 calories a day.

  22. Ketosis!

  23. starving does work. im not saying you should do it but i have an eating
    disorder so its a routine i guess…. ?? anyways i weighed 112 but without
    eating for 4 days i lost 10 pounds. im not saying starvinv is a good idea
    or endorsing it but it does work

  24. not a good time

  25. Don’t be weaklings eat as much as u can but exercize be the best u, u can
    be make your body ur weapon as it yours for the rest of your life don’t
    starve it deprive of it’s nutrients feed it make it stronger working out is
    the secret go that extra mile running finish that last rep weightlifting
    EAT HOOOHAA former army soldier

  26. If I listen to her, she does not recommend starvation as a weight loss
    method. She does talk about fasting for brief periods of time, with

  27. Im going to try this because I’m 356 pounds and im 14 don’t judge me.

  28. MegaCookieMonster713 Reply April 4, 2014 at 6:57 am

    You eat the same amount, just broken up into smaller portions more often
    throughout the day. You also have to exercise a lot.

  29. I starved myself last year and lost 10 lbs in two weeks. It takes a lot of
    will power though and I missed chocolate so I stopped. I went from 85 lbs
    to 98 lbs in a year. And I’m thinking of dieting because I’m 5’2 and I
    wanna be a model so I need to be thin.

  30. What an irresponsible video name!

  31. okay, dude. why would i even take your advice after you call me stupid? you
    dont know my story.

  32. syed shaista Abbas Reply April 4, 2014 at 7:45 am

    I think starvation work for myself and I shall do it from now on 😛

  33. i’m going to try 60days got 45 already

  34. @lostinstarvation9996 7000 pounds

  35. 1800-ImGonnaDieFromStarving

  36. lostinstarvation9996 Reply April 4, 2014 at 8:29 am

    if you are 5 foot, how much should you weigh ?

  37. @bigbrown4114493 XDD

  38. HAHAHA!

  39. @Minoriash So it only takes 14 days to loose that much weight?!! I weigh
    145 lbs right now and I want to be maybe 125 lbs.

  40. its hard to fast for a day to me LOL

  41. @theme karts sick in the mind? Wow. I starve myself and I only eat one meal
    a day and why? I’m not trying to loose wring, yeah I think I’m kinda tubby
    but whatever. I work out. But I do it so I can be by and hear the voice of
    the person I love the most. I want every moment with them possible and when
    I eat, I can’t have that. So learn before you say something like that

  42. lol cool

  43. No you are fat. You need to be skinnier.

  44. The title of this video is hilarious

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