Dieting : How to Make a Weight-Loss Drink From Apple Cider Vinegar

A weight-loss drink made with apple cider vinegar is simply a full glass of water mixed with one to two tablespoons of the vinegar, which can be sipped throu…


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45 Responses to “Dieting : How to Make a Weight-Loss Drink From Apple Cider Vinegar”

  1. This colour is really bad on her. It is bringing out all the red / bad
    skin. Shame she has a great face.

  2. Dasani Tomlinson Reply April 2, 2014 at 3:25 am

    Im on the diet I lost 5lbs in a week but it taste gross at first but u just
    have to get use to it

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  5. how much Apple Cider Vinegar i can mix to 1.5 lb water and what kind u used
    and where i mean what food store i can get . thanku

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  8. lol u dont chug it drink a glass each day and take small sips

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  10. how many glass a day?

  11. does non unfiltered work and can i take the Apple Cider Vinegar alon and
    drink the water after

  12. Hi, may I ask if you changed your diet or did more exercise in these two
    weeks? Thank you!!

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  14. I did tried this for my cough and did helped alot plus I loss 6lbs in 5
    days. I used 1 tbps vinegra and 1 tbps water, surprise with the result. Im
    happy still waiting for the next few days how much weight will I loss if I
    do that on in the water. GOODLUCK

  15. ive tried this for 4 days and i had loss some water weight & body fats.. i
    drink 1.5 L of water mix apple cider vineger + a bit of honey through out a
    day (while working & at home). drink more before any meals you take i
    advise. hope you’ll see the same result too. and i loss 3kg within 5 days.
    my meals will either be a cup of 3-1 cereal spirulina + oats / a medium
    bowl of chicken or fish porridge..u’ll feel extremely light with your body
    and help suppressed your BIG appetite. good luck!

  16. 12 to 16 Oz she says in another vid.

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  18. i meant swish the water and baking soda mixture, NOT gargle! 😉

  19. @falloutgirllyss I hear what your saying, and agree. You could tell from
    the look on her face (her smile went) when she poured that vinegar into the

  20. do you have to have unfiltered and can you just take the Apple Cider
    Vinegar with nothing else

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  22. i tried this and the taste was NASTY!! i was literally gagging

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  24. hey have all of you tried on google stfu 😀

  25. I will try this and let you know what happens in about a month or so !!!

  26. Are you using distilled water, filtered, or tap water? The bottle on the
    table looks like the distilled water bottles we used to use in our medical

  27. @KimiKinekie bro how and when u use vinegar for weightloss ??

  28. dcdweerawardhana Reply April 2, 2014 at 8:46 am

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    weight using it.

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  31. 3stepsuntildeath Reply April 2, 2014 at 9:31 am

    she looks so healthy and beautiful!!

  32. how many times a day we should drink that ? i mean just 1 glass in the
    early morning with empty stomach ? or we can have it after meal can u
    explain me plz.

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  35. @KimiKinekie :-( I don’t get it in india, anywhere i can order it online?

  36. Constantino Martinez Reply April 2, 2014 at 10:55 am

    Could I just take shots of the apple cider vinegar? And how many times a
    day? Thanks

  37. Can you add stivia?

  38. will i gain some fat again, if i drink it for a few months, lose some
    weight and then stop???

  39. <– click here if you realy want to know how

  40. how many times a day are u suppose to drink this?

  41. hi we can loose belly too by drinking apple cider vinegar and how many we
    have to drink

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