Diet Tips : Lose Weight Fast & Easy

Lose weight fast by cutting out processed foods and all sugar, including dairy and gluten. Lose weight quickly and easily with these weight loss tips from an…


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49 Responses to “Diet Tips : Lose Weight Fast & Easy”

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  3. PervertedBabyPanda Reply April 4, 2014 at 11:33 pm

    No dairy? But I’m allergic to soy milk and I need the calcium cause of the
    meds I take XD….

  4. She emphasized to have a vigorous exersise routine everyday… Who wants to
    do that? And dairy is important to loose for vit. D

  5. You don’t have to cut it all just halfin your daily intake of sugar and
    pasta stuff. From there slowly ease yourself off it. Also stay away from
    any types of soda just stick to water with a little bit of lemon Hope this

  6. @threezeldasandapit …grass mate? HAHA x

  7. i actually have a six-pack and weigh 135 lbs at 6 feet and work out, i did
    it without useless pills i just took those and had no results before i lost
    the weight.

  8. do not cut out dairy

  9. @threezeldasandapit lmaoo.. you just have to die thats all.

  10. i was eating cheetos while watching this

  11. i figured i’d try it to reduce my bodyfat and this was suppose to improve
    health, not lose weight in the first place. The acai thing

  12. But…I cant give up pasta!I don’t even drink soda,and don’t eat breakfast
    (No i’m not anorexic,im just not hungry in the morning until noon.)

  13. what’s so bad about calcium tablets? i take them everyday. i used to be
    vegan for only 1 month and i lost 30lbs. so if you really want to lose
    weight, go vegan and you won’t eat anything.

  14. whatever she said in scientific language went above my mind.. didn’t get

  15. What does she say at 49 seconds to start drinking? Sounds like she is
    saying drinking green strings. She mispronounced something there(?). thx

  16. i take Hot Hoodia Plus and it all do the work, i lost a lot from it.

  17. lol im eating pudding with whipped cream

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  19. Ok I can undertand how those people do it, that you all think are so fake
    that starve them selves, like celbritys, well, If its what you really want
    youll do it, Like I know people struggle with weight, I know cause I used
    to be massive for someone my age o_O but if you really want something youll
    go for it, I can understand how hard it is, I love junk food so much, but
    It gives me acne and makes me fat. So if you really want to be skinny youll
    do this. Its not forever, just think about it. :)

  20. very wrong advice ,dont do it she is talking about low carb diet,eliminate
    pasta and bread ,yes you can lose weight but YOU WILL EVEN GAIN MORE

  21. @WhatIsSimplySkilled DEFINATELY NOT!!! Try 20 gallons to “jump start” your

  22. work out?

  23. @threezeldasandapit You eat all vegetables, salads and fruit and of course
    fish is to be eaten for a healthy diet…

  24. ancient chinese secret for weight loss

  25. what do yu mean/!

  26. how can I make my six-pack more visible? I’m already skinny as hell.

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    quick way for you to get rid of fat fast.

  28. You have to exercise and eat right. Try hydroxicut green tea suppliment.
    It’ll help speed up your weight loss. DO NOT CUT OUT DAIRY THOUGH.

  29. world of worldcraft

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  31. dont eat dinner and u loose a lot of weight just try .what ever she said is
    not practical

  32. Losing wheight by cutting out a lot of things you normally eat is not going
    to make a difference in the long term. Yes, it work, but once you start
    eating normaly again, is not going to work right? Is best to eat healthy in
    smaller portions and stay active I think. Is a fact that you will only lose
    weight if you consume less calories than those you burn. And you gain
    weight if you consume more calories than those you burn. As 4 me, I have
    fat hips but weight like 100lbs, so I wanna b thinner:(

  33. Does anyone know about flow solution diet? I’ve heard great things about it
    but don’t know exactly how it works.

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  36. this is good advice! expect for cutting out dairy! u need dairy and milk

  37. you don’t have to have dairy, it’s terribly high in cholesterol. soy milk
    is better for you even the vanilla flavored light is better than any type
    of dairy product. she’s right about everything here.

  38. sweet

  39. @3Zoee By grass, I suppose you mean all vegetables, salads and fruit and of
    course fish is to be eaten for a healthy diet…

  40. white rice & pasta isnt good for a diet

  41. Have you experienced Legion Fat Loss? (do a google search for it) It is a
    quick and easy way to lose fat fast.

  42. seams sensible…. except for cutting out dairy.

  43. what do i need to get?

  44. CUT OUT all sugars/ processed foods/ dairy/ gluten…? That is so
    unrealistic! Eat whatever you like. but eat LESS of it. Try to include
    veggies, nuts and lots of exercise. you may lose weight slower but you’ll
    be happier and you’ll STAY slim ..

  45. haha, “easily” lose weight…T.T

  46. stfu that is so rude

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  48. Durga Prasad Subedi Reply April 5, 2014 at 10:52 am

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  49. @deathpearl360 LOL

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