Diet Ginseng Slim Tea for Weight Loss, Extra Strength, 3g X 18bags (1.90 Oz) (Pack of 2)

his health food product, directly from the Republic of Korea, is made of Korean ginseng leaves, Malva verticellata (Chinese Mallow), and Cassia Angustifolia (Senna).

Ginseng Slim Tea is a 100% pure and natural herbal tea. This special formula Dieters Energy Drink is all natural tea, soothing and relaxing especially delightful for those desiring to adjust weight.

Product Features

  • Native Korean ginseng product
  • Dieter’s energy drink. Get energy while on diet.
  • 100% Natural
  • No Additives


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3 Responses to “Diet Ginseng Slim Tea for Weight Loss, Extra Strength, 3g X 18bags (1.90 Oz) (Pack of 2)”

  1. Diet Tea I just started using this tea 3 nights ago. I drink 1 8oz glass everynight b4 bed. You will start to feel movement 7 to 8 hours later, so be ready. I woke up to stomach cramps pretty badly. I used the bathroom quite often that morning. MY STOMACH FELT LIKE IT WAS IN KNOTs! I felt some cramping through the day which was very uncomfortable at first. My 2nd night was better I drank a glass at night (9pm)and @ 6a I up at the bathroom. Cramping as usual but much milder. Continue your routine so…

  2. Just a Laxative Tea This product is basically senna tea. There isn’t anything special about the ginseng or the fact that it’s marketed as a slim tea. As any senna tea is it’s very effective & works well overnight. For those not use to drinking laxative teas the reaction can be harsh. Drink it before bed & it should work by morning. If you drink it in the morning, be prepared to use the bathroom at least 6-8 hours later. You can experience cramping but again, that’s just the way senna works. I’m only giving…

  3. It Works! I’ve used this Ginseng slim tea in the past and it worked. I went from about 215lbs down to 180lbs. I used it everyday for about 2 months. However, you will have some discomfort from the tea. (cramping) As most have said, be prepared to be near a toilet within 8 hours. Honestly, the tea moves food right through your system, not allowing time for calories to be absorbed;that’s why the tea works. Also, keep in mind, the tea continues to work in your system, so limit your eating. I found myself…

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