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19 Responses to “Detox Tea & Weight Loss | Tiny Tea”

  1. My thoughts on detox tea! Like the video if you enjoy x

  2. You should try De-Carb GCX by Slim Fit Labs, it’s the hidden secret in the
    AA community for loosing carbs and for weight loss without exercising.

  3. Lauren Giancristofaro Reply April 27, 2015 at 6:42 pm

    I love your videos and you are a great role model to fellow MUA’s out there
    :) Keep up the amazing work! x

  4. Nikkia! No way are you a nurse too! #LADYBOSS! =D xxx

  5. Wow! The fact that you are a Nurse AND a Paramedic just makes you more
    beautiful than you already are! I was on the pill but went off it about 6
    months ago … I have not had THAT time of the month since … what could
    be wrong with me? I am only 34 …. 

  6. Hope you won’t be offended by this question, but were you sponsored to make
    this video? It’s a very positive review and the fact that you’re a nurse
    lends it credibility but I’m still not sure drinking a tea can have that
    much of an effect on you… I guess I’m a sceptic. I like the idea though
    ask drink a lot of tea normally so will do a bit more research and look
    into it. Merry Christmas xxx

  7. if you check out @ amodernprincess on ig and see her results with out
    weight+balance loose leaf tea. Do not use bagged teas, our detox and weight
    balance teas are loose leaf and you can sweeten with our delicious all
    natural zero calorie sweetener. 1-2 cups a day and just watch the results
    – looseteats dot com 

  8. thank you for your review,! I been looking into taking a tea detox, and
    been looking around, and still not sure which one to take. I also take
    birth control as well and didn’t think about it might be affected by that,
    so thank you! :)

  9. Great review, i have watched soooooooo many reviews on this tea and I’m
    still unsure…. its a 28 day teatox and your meant to have 3 a day but
    some people have said that you don’t get enough tea bags to last you 28days
    if you have 3 a day. Please help? xx

  10. Thanks nikkia im going to give it a go!! Im i
    Recently into exercise and trying to eqt well, but have a massive sweet
    tooth. Im also lacking in energy. Will give it a try. Great video thank
    you. Xxxxx

  11. I haven’t tried the detox yet but I’ve got the Her Tea which I love! Helps
    a lot with bloating and skin aswell and it taste so good! :-) 

  12. Hi love your video ! Thanks for the information ! My question is how long
    can you take it ! Once you finish the 14 day or 28 day then what ! How long
    should you be on it ! Thank you ! P.s. You absolutely beautiful ! ❤️

  13. how long will the coupon code last for? and do you think this tea would be
    good to bring into your diet for someone trying to work towards a healthier
    lifestyle and lose weight?

  14. Ooooh this tea looks so good! Love the fact that they have Gluten free
    detox teas as well, perfect for coeliac’s with dodgy guts haha. Will
    definitely be giving this a go in the new year. So good that it doesn’t
    have caffeine in it either!

  15. Thank you for this video!! I was looking for a good detox tea as I’ve also
    experienced the same side effects as you, unfortunately.. I will try this
    detox tea! x

  16. yees this tea is amaazing!!!! love it!!

  17. Hi Nikkia. Those cramps are so bad. I hear you. Is it possible for you to
    do a makeup look that you would wear to work? Please. You would be a
    wonderful nurse xxx

  18. Sadly so, I am not much of a tea drinker :( The taste just doesn’t do it
    for me… However, I just placed and order and will give it a try! I could
    use a good detox especially for problematic skin! Thanks for the awesome

    Also, I used the coupon code “15off” for 15% off for anyone interested in
    ordering! :)

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