Day 3 – Liquid Diet Weight Loss Continues!

Here I am on day 3 and still in the land of the living, and in fact feeling a lot better. Watch the video to find out how I did with my weight loss and walki…


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18 Responses to “Day 3 – Liquid Diet Weight Loss Continues!”

  1. Hi man, thank you for the inspiring video. One question: I wanna start with
    same diet you are on and my question is, did u go the whole 8 weeks the
    first time you started this diet? Wasnt it too hard to quit eating suddenly
    and replacing it with this diet for such a long time at once? I really
    wanna do 8 weeks, but most detoxes are for 30 days only. Why did u go 8
    weeks? And isnt it dangerous for the body? Thanx man!

  2. suffocating0silence Reply May 30, 2014 at 7:20 am

    @overwhelmingtraffic I haven’t gotten that far in your videos yet, but I’ll
    definitely take some notes on that video. :)

  3. I Really enjoyed the video and the channel. Wanted to say hi and make

  4. I am loving your videos. Quite an inspiration.

  5. @mellasone Any time mate! Lack of protein can also be damaging.. I’m taking
    cruciferous veg shakes every day but I also work out 3 days a week and I
    eat meat, chicken and fish for protein.. I would say cut down on calories,
    carbs, drink plenty of water, exercise and take 2 smoothies a day. Should
    do SOME good right?

  6. today is my 3rd day i watch your videos day by day it really inspires me
    thank you!! I’ve been trying to do this for a couple of months now but i
    feel this is it!!!:))

  7. @iamtenstone Great to hear you are feeling good. Also great to hear you
    found an organic cafe, it’s very smart of you to plan ahead like that. The
    walks will help as well, and it’s great you are getting some support from
    him. Yes I agree mix up what you put in the drinks, makes for a bit of fun
    and interest and avoids getting too bored with the same stuff each day.
    Keep up the good work and thanks for dropping by again!

  8. @Carto0n7 You are right I am considering stopping the fast but I want to
    give it a couple of more days and see if I start to feel better. day3
    digestive discomfort gone but experiencing a lot of pain on my neck,
    shoulders and massive headache all day. I managed to drink some juice but
    very little and lots of water with lemon juice, lets see what tomorrow
    brings. thanks for your reply

  9. @mellasone Mate! Listen to your body! If this diet is the cause of this
    then you need to stop or something!

  10. Thanks for the vid! Just the proof and motivation I needed! Thank God I
    came across your vid!

  11. Don’t know how to thank you… :)

  12. suffocating0silence Reply May 30, 2014 at 9:57 am

    I’ve been doing a bit of research so that me and my mom can do a juice fast
    right, and your videos have been a huge help so far. :) What has been your
    favorite recipe for a good drink?

  13. I’m on day 2 and my head fuckin’ hurts and low energy. I copped out and
    made myself some stirfried mushrooms. But still got 3 juices left to drink

  14. @Azurewinged Thanks so much, I appreciate it !

  15. @seeg91792 Thanks for that, and yes you are right not a lot of guys doing
    this, I am glad I inspired you :) Keep up your good work!!

  16. @suffocating0silence thanks for dropping by. I am glad my videos have
    helped out. Watch my day 40 video where I show you my favorite juice and
    actually show you how I make it…. Enjoy!

  17. I have enjoyed your video. I am on my thrid day of my juice fast. Be

  18. I’m on day2 of my juice fast feeling very depressed because this morning
    after a full glass of veg/fruit juice I started with nausea, stomach pain
    and diarrhoea, all these symptoms have lasted all day and I am still
    feeling sick. I expected headaches and possible loose bowels but bloating,
    nausea and pain where not expected, If I’m like this tomorrow, won’t be
    able to drink more juice, but will continue fasting drinking only water.
    Any advice?

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