Costco Bed Sheets and Green Tea for Weight Loss

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14 Responses to “Costco Bed Sheets and Green Tea for Weight Loss”

  1. Great haul Mina! How are you using the green tea? Every nite? Curious

  2. Yes, it is natural sugar but it is still sugar! If you google “blood sugar
    levels and weight loss” you’ll see that too much sugar (whether natural or
    refined!) actually tells your body not to burn fat and to store it instead.

  3. I love green tea, I drink an organic green tea that has helped me drop
    85lbs. I am one dress size from my goal. You look great and Im sure you
    will be ready come summer!! :)

  4. I know you are try to lose weight and just wanted to point out that the
    carrot juice you buy is LOADED with sugar which of course isn’t good for
    your weight loss journey. If you want the benefits try juicing at home and
    it will cut down on the amounts of sugar. Just an FYI as I didn’t want you
    to unknowingly Sabotage all your hard work

  5. Mina, whats the brand of these sheets?

  6. You pronounced “matcha” correctly :) and that tea is amazing….the taste
    is a bit odd at first but jus think mind over matter lol. 

  7. I love Costco’s bed sheets. They fit my deep mattress. The fabric feels so
    smooth. I washed mine so many times and they still look new. My husband
    also drinks this tea. I never know it helps with weight loss. Good to know.

  8. I love that green tea brand. It is the best!

  9. Thanks for sharing Mina. I’m going to make a Costco run first thing
    tomorrow. Hopefully, the sheet sets will be in stock :-)

  10. Costco sheets are awesome! I’m going to try to look for that specific

  11. Aleheckhart Dolce Reply April 25, 2014 at 5:44 pm

    almased is very good to boost up your metabolism

  12. thanks for the info special the sheets.

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