Can I Lose Weight Online? Hi Everyone, Should you get weight-loss advice online? Yes and No. Generic and general weight loss advice is perfectly fine. And m…


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4 Responses to “Can I Lose Weight Online?”

  1. Allthruth Smith Reply June 7, 2014 at 7:01 pm

    i watched your raw milk video and i like your energy and i think u are a
    positive person, but i have to tell u that seeing your tattoos now has made
    me recoil in disgust and it makes me sad because obviously u are dealing
    with serious issues that are making u scar your body like that. Please
    don’t do that, u are a beautiful person. Peace.

  2. it really depends on what your definition of healthy is and if those
    healthy foods are correct for your metabolic type. for example, i thought i
    was being healthy when i was a vegetarian but in reality i wasn’t eating
    enough protein and i gained weight. i’d read The Metabolic Typing Diet, by
    William Wolcott.

  3. is the drink V8 gewd for yew??..

  4. just found you………….

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