BURN FAT with “Mint Green Tea” recipe (Big Brandon Carter)

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50 Responses to “BURN FAT with “Mint Green Tea” recipe (Big Brandon Carter)”

  1. Im over here dying laughing lolllloool!

  2. You know your stuff man and thx for all the workouts, tips, and quotes it
    definitely helps!

  3. you have or do cycles period.

  4. BlackBusinessMusic Reply November 20, 2014 at 8:44 am

    Im doing green tea with squeezing a lemon in it, tastes awesome! Gotta look
    for that special wives… and i put the tea is about ~30mins in the bottle,
    so i make sure im getting all kindz of shredded gainz haha! Great video as
    always ;-)

  5. MattV2099: Guns & Food Reply November 20, 2014 at 8:54 am

    nnnnnnnnnn sheeeeeeit. love me some green tea yo

  6. I drink lemon grass green tea. All I do is put the tea bag in and boil
    water and put it in the mug and drink it hot. 

  7. My day always starts with green tea. Yo Brandon, I can get you some good
    stuff from over here in Japan.

  8. Hey brandon! What dou you think about green tea supplements? Better/worse
    or the same effect?

  9. Please don’t turn to Dr. Oz. These supplements may or may not work, that is
    besides the point. There is no shortcut to hard work.

  10. I had some Japanese exchange students a few years back and they gave me a
    bag of loose green tea leaves when they left. You just use half a teaspoon
    per cup and they last foreever!

  11. Respect mayne! haha One tip about green tea, is as soon as you see residue
    building at the top of the tea (it’s oil) it’s time to take it out, ideally
    you don’t want those oils, they’re not good for you, so just time it so
    that you take the tea bags out before the oils are released. :)

  12. best part: “if my girl isn’t growing plants on the window….. I should
    dump that bitch!” hahahahaha brilliant! 

  13. could it be that the control group drank colas, sodas and juices instead
    packed with carbs? that would explain a lot

  14. nice chest genetics

  15. Hahaha dump dat biatch! my boy BBC, I bought your book and I’ve read it a
    few times already 😀 in the veggies you don’t mention Tomato and Carrot,
    should I remove them from my diet? I’ve lost 45 pounds, look great in
    clothes now but I’m aiming for that 8 pack :D

  16. To do list:
    Make some green tea
    Realise there’s not a single herb or spice in the window
    Dump that biiiieeetch
    Make gains.

  17. That one dislike was from a girl that got dumped.

  18. “You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you
    will find strength”

    -Marcus Aurelius

  19. bahahaah this dude has me rollin’ “I don’t have to live like this no more.”

  20. You can get a Costco member ship card for 50 bucks and buy that same tea
    for like 10 bucks plus loads of fruit and veggies for the cheap…

  21. Picture of hot abs brought me here. I was really expecting more girls to
    say so on here, like when you go to a music video and all the guys comment
    on the girl. Guess I’m the only girl that lets my inner perv free on the
    internet :)

  22. 7 tea bags? Wow dude!

  23. That was the MANLIEST preparation of iced tea i have ever scene.

  24. What about green ice tea?

  25. I’m trying to lose 20 pounds , can the tea fulfill that 

  26. Dumpin dem bitches…gonna get me a farmer bitch >:D

  27. It definitely works! I changed my eating habits/portions and made green tea
    my regular drink, and lost 5 pounds in one week.

  28. My Wifeyyyyyy makes my tea for me.. You should dump that Bitch!!!

  29. What up Brandon! Do you ever use to brew it in the coffee pot? Why do you
    prefer the teabag method?

  30. The green tea im drinking is kinda brown when its cooked i thought that was
    normal all this time smh

  31. Halbwurm - Gaming News, Guides, Films, Gameplay Commentaries Reply November 20, 2014 at 2:49 pm

    “macha” is just japanese for “green tea” :-D

  32. Yo Brandon, keep these vids coming man

  33. More nutrition videos

  34. Where do I pick up one of those growing herbs chicks? I did’t see link
    in the description hehe ;-)

  35. Hey BBC! I jus told my girl we breakin up and to get the fuck out my house!
    I forgot that I live at her place so I’m out on the streets now. Damn it
    Brandon! No more life advice from you only muscle advice!


    Wish I could…she’s one of them crazy girlfriend killers…soo

    I’ll pass on that advice


  37. Thx for all the advices and motivation talks keep up the awesome work

  38. on my last cut, every morning i would drink a cup of coffee and a cup of
    green tea on an empty stomach and then walk my dog for 30-60 minutes.
    dropped all kindz of fat

  39. Acedillo91 Remember1 Reply November 20, 2014 at 4:53 pm

    Ohhh! Your arms are getting bigger man.
    Bicep Carter lol.

  40. You should look into Yerba Maté tea. It’s packed with vitamins, minerals
    and best of all caffeine. It’s all natural and helps burn fat too

  41. Costco I have that and drink it every day

  42. “You need to dump that bitch!!!” Lmao

  43. How much we meant to drink ?

  44. I divorced my wife because of what you said. Now I’m alone, she took the
    kids. I’m paying 800 dollars in child support so im broke, cause I got
    stuck with the car payments on top of that shit. My life is in shambles I
    live in a one bedroom apartment with my friend, and no bitch wants to talk
    to a guy who is sleeping on on his friends couch. So I got no bitch growing
    herbs on the window ceil. I got no bitches. I do got that tea you were
    talking about so I guess it ain’t all bad. Taste pretty good.

  45. My GF grows her owns freakin veggies: tomatoes, eggplant, peppers… Time to
    dump your girl man! ;)

  46. BBC, you’re inner Asian is coming out! Lol. Nice vid man. Your videos are
    the shit.

  47. Yo Brandon thx for the video I will definitely try it out! Man I want to
    buy your Ebook but I dont have the Kindle thing.. Is there any other way to
    buy it? Thanks man

  48. Also make sure your tea water is not too hot otherwise it will destroy all
    good health benefits of green tea.

  49. lol,i drink green tea all the time but i put a little bit sugar in my tea.

  50. I’m not a big tea person, but it has been proven to help lose fat so I’ve
    given it a try and it works man. Great video. 

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