Burn Fat, Lose Weight & Keep It Off – Health Awareness Lecture Series – Life Extension

Dr Michael Smith presents ways to supplement your diet and exercise program with innovative nutrients to help you maintain a healthy weight. Designed to supp…


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17 Responses to “Burn Fat, Lose Weight & Keep It Off – Health Awareness Lecture Series – Life Extension”

  1. Have you tried “Lean Body Maximizer”? (Go google it) It is a quick way to
    burn calories fast.

  2. You are absolutely right. No one, regardless of any diagnosis, should start
    a weight loss program without speaking with their doctor first. People with
    mal-absorption syndromes need to supplement with digestive enzymes. Losing
    weight with Chrohn’s disease requires the careful watch of your doctor. You
    might consider focusing more on exercise and supplementing with nutrients
    that support a healthy metabolism in order to lose weight. But please,
    speak with your doctor about your options.

  3. Most people today have some kind of digestive problem would’t inhibiting
    enzymes increase those problems and inhibit vitamin and nutrient absorbtion
    from food ?

  4. Adolfo David Lozano Reply January 14, 2014 at 12:10 am

    @LifeExtensionVideos I disagree with you must ask with your doctor before
    any diet. Reality is that everybody is on a diet since everybody eats. I am
    an advocate of carb restricted diets and you dont need to talk with your
    doctor to cut your carb. Why if most doctors dont know about nutrition?
    Regards from a proud LEF Member

  5. Fat Combust Factors (search on google) kept on appearing on many videos
    thus I thought they were scams. However after my co-worker used it, and
    lose alot of unwanted fats, Im persuaded. Dont take my word for it, search
    for Fat Combust Factors on google:)

  6. Oh hi(: Anyone thought about the Fat Combust Factor (do a google search)?
    Ive heard some awesome stuff about it and my friend burned alot of unwanted

  7. I have Chrohn’s disease and vitamin defficiencies because my food is not
    digested do to lack of enzymes . Not taking them could land me in the
    hospital. Many people today suffer from Colitus and Chrohn’s this could be
    dangerous for them.

  8. I hate my over weight!! I want to look good like people on this video. Also
    watch what fitness and weight expert got to say /watch?v=9QpzdK7wdYY

  9. We appreciate and respect your opinion about obtaining advice from your own
    doctor. However, because Life Extension is NOT a health institution, we
    always want our members and customers to check with their own doctor before
    starting any diet or supplement regimen.

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  12. We believe that you are only has healthy as your gut. Digestive enzymes
    play a critical role in optimal health. However, if you are overweight or
    obese, losing weight takes priority. Blocking absorption of sugar calories
    is an important step for many to experience successful weight loss.
    Supplementing with enzymes while taking sugar blockers will hamper your
    efforts. We suggest focusing on weight loss first and discontinuing
    digestive enzyme in the short-term.

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