Burn Belly Fat Now

http://www.mega-diet.com/ Burn Belly Fat Now! Mega-T Green Tea Fat Burning Supplement is a drug free dietary supplement formulated to help you achieve your w…


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42 Responses to “Burn Belly Fat Now”

  1. when me my mom and ma dad saw this and heard the kettle drum when we are
    walking around we do the kettle drum for the person walking like in the
    commercial its acctually pretty funny ­čśŤ

  2. the second pic makes her looks like she will break th floor!

  3. Have used this off and on a few times. I have found it does nothing one way
    or the other. Just takes my $10 . Certainly not ANYTHING like the
    commercial. LOL

  4. With mega t i lost 30 pounds but i also stoped drinking soda i lost that in
    about 6 weeks :) also exercised but not much im lazy

  5. MasterofDisaster17 Reply January 4, 2014 at 1:30 pm

    meh its probably not the safest thing but Im 17 and use it

  6. ok.. ilost 30lbs with the liquid tablets ( their at GNC for 6.99) I felt
    amazing and I barely excercised, I live in nyc and of course you walk
    everywhere…try it you wont regret it seriously.

  7. That dosn’t work like that!!!!!

  8. i agree! i just picked them up about a week ago and i can already tell the
    difference, they dont give you any gitters, they dont make you feel
    nauseas, what it does for me is curb my apatite… i dont feel hungry AT
    ALL!!! i still work out and choose healthy foods, but this made ALL the
    difference! Good luck, Love them!

  9. gonnabewilddotcom Reply January 4, 2014 at 2:16 pm

    i like that first girl the way she is


  11. ineedausernameyup Reply January 4, 2014 at 3:04 pm

    most people lost alot of weiht fast someone lost 13lbs in 3 weeks which is
    good this is more forr those who want to loose under 70lbs

  12. so ; did the stuff actually work for you ?

  13. Losing weight has never been more easy. Our 100% natural diet supplements
    will help you Lose your unwanted fat easy.See My Channel for special Offer!

  14. too girlygirllaura I used them from January to May and I lost the weight. I
    drank nothing but water and green tea and completely cut out carbs like
    potatoes and meats like beef or any red meat. I replaced pasta with wheat
    and things like that. I still take them every once in a while when i feel
    hungry. My mom also uses them and she lost 21 lbs fast, I just introduced
    her to them in August. well i hope it works for you.

  15. are these things pills or is it really a tea? cuase im gonna buy it today
    or tommorrow, please respond to my question. thanx :]

  16. DynamikRevolution Reply January 4, 2014 at 4:19 pm

    more like poop xD

  17. Incredible Channel. A true reflection of your love as it pours out onto
    your tube cavas like a lucid dreamer. Fantastic and mesmerizing. I can’t
    wait to see more from your soul! :)

  18. does this acually work im scared to try lsing weight with a pill i want to
    lose it natyrally buh my weight gain and everything is pissing me off and i
    just want to try using a deit pill will this acually work and is there
    gonna be any side effects?

  19. @HealthNBeauty101 So it doesnt make you naseus? Dizzy? Nothing? Thats
    great. But also, what are the side effects YOU experienced it with?

  20. i no!!

  21. I’ve been taking these for about 2 months now, 2 pills a day as it says on
    the box. They really do work, and I don’t notice any negative side effects.
    One day I actually forgot to take a tea pill, and I was STARVING. These
    really do help with your appetite.

  22. it didnt give me stomach cramps. this is only the second day that I have
    taken it so I dont know if it works yet, but I lost 2.5 pounds so far but
    what I wanna know is will I lose 20 pounds like the ad says.

  23. what’s the song playing?

  24. why? it makes you vomit?

  25. i dun need dis buh jus sayen i saw dah comercial 4 dis how would ppl noe if
    dis isz safe? coz dah hydroxicut thyng that ppl used sum suffered frum
    liver damage an sum ppl even died so frum hearing frum that about
    hydroxicut thatsz obviously nawt safe how would we noe if if dis isz safe 4
    ppl 2 use?

  26. this does work…the whole point is you have to DIET and EXERCISE while
    using it. it even says so on the package…so don’t expect to continue to
    pig out and think that this “miracle” pill is going to do all the work for
    you. i’ve been on a diet for a month and as soon as i started taking this
    in combination with my diet and exercise i could tell it definitely started
    speeding up the process. green tea has been proven to boost metabolism and
    burn belly fat by doctors…this is nothing new.

  27. anyone out there please does this works???

  28. Omg I looks like they r pregnant and fat lol wen I saw this commercial on
    tv I couldn’t stop laughing hahaha


  30. Does it only burn belly fat or does it also make you lose weight in other
    areas of the body??

  31. can i use this it says for adults only +18 im only 16

  32. Tarikul Islam Rasel Reply January 4, 2014 at 7:57 pm

    Its really I was looking for it. Thanks

  33. I know, her tummy is BIG!

  34. You’ll be sitting on the toilet. It also gives you bad stomach cramps.

  35. The first girl has a gorgeous body, well-shaped and very cuddly.

  36. my mom and i used to for like 6 months and my mom lost the weight but i did
    not it just depends on your body chemistry a work out plan comes in the box
    and i diet plan too i think if you do them both it will work and if it does
    not work for you its not like green tea is poison lol either way this pill
    can do no harm as far as im concerned it has no more caffeine than a soda
    so why not try it??

  37. I’m currently taking the Green Tea fat burner, and it works pretty good. I
    am also currently doing the P90X workout program, so that plus the exercise
    program it works great. but just by itself it’s not that affective. it
    doesn’t curve your food cravings very much, and if your really sensitive to
    caffeine don’t take after 3pm or you’ll stay up all night

  38. It’s a tea. If you do decide to buy it, be prepared to be close by a
    bathroom all day!!

  39. @chisports14 agreed, but no offense to any fat people though

  40. @BuTTeRZ3695 if this medication caused medical problems for your family,
    you should contact the business. or talk to your doctor, since all (most)
    of the ingredients are natural, maybe your sister has an allergy to it? i
    hope everything gets better. God Bless You <3

  41. im 15 and bout to get it i read the comments alot of ppl were telling me it
    didnt work but the comments say otherwise so im going to get it how much
    would u say ud lose in a week

  42. xD Read the fine print It says”With Diet and Exersize plan;;

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