Buddha’s Herbs Premium Green Tea with Herbs,20-Count Tea Bags (4 Pack)

Old traditions of herbal medicine come to life in products from Buddha’s Herbs. Buddha’s Herbs Premium blend of “Green Tea with Herbs” is purposefully formulated to wash away fatigue, enhance vitality and supply antioxidants. Green Tea ingredients provide Super Antioxidant support. Chamomile Flowers imparts Comfort and Relaxation and also relieve minor Stomach Discomfort. Thyme is a powerful herbal antiseptic and supports upper Respiratory System. Peppermint adds freshness and aroma to complete this magical blend. This unique formulation is unbelievably refreshing and is prepared from 100 percent natural ingredients. It contains no artificial colors, preservatives etc.
Teas are packed in ecologically friendly filter bags with no glue or metal used. Airtight envelopes help retain the natural flavor and aroma of the herbs. So sit back and enjoy a cup of Buddha’s Herbs Ultimate Green Tea with Herbs for a refreshing treat or an after-meal delight and reap multiple health benefits. We believe our humble contribution will make the society become healthier and wealthier in body and soul.

Product Features

  • Contains Green Tea 60 %, Organic Chamomile Flowers 16%, Organic Thyme Herbs 16 %, Organic Peppermint Leaves 8 %
  • Purposefully Formulated to wash away Fatigue, enhance Vitality and supply Antioxidants
  • Four Pack provides 80 Double Filter Tea Bags sealed in Airtight Envelopes to Preserve Freshness and Aroma
  • Ecologically Friendly Tea Bags with no Glue or Metal used
  • 100 Percent Natural with no Artificial Color, Flavors or Preservatives


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3 Responses to “Buddha’s Herbs Premium Green Tea with Herbs,20-Count Tea Bags (4 Pack)”

  1. The Go-To Tea I drank Buddha’s Herbs’ Green Tea for the first time when a friend of mine offered it to me as I was feeling under the weather. To my surprise, it cleared up my sinuses instantly and I was able to breathe through my nose for the first time in days. I was amazed by how much better I felt. The tea is really soothing and refreshing. I have the order of Chamomile also but I haven’t had the opportunity to try it yet. Needless to say, however, I have a lot of confidence in their products so I’m sure…

  2. A very, very mild tea Based on the other reviews I was expecting a robust, flowery taste that would jump out at me; however, this tea is very mild. The taste is good, and I love that I can steep it for more than five minutes and it never gets bitter (which is a HUGE deal in the green tea world). But it’s just not strong at all. Green teas are by nature very mild and muted, but I think this is the most mild green tea I’ve ever tasted.So if you’re looking for a flowery, subtle, easy-to-drink green tea,…

  3. Great tea! 0

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