Beyonce Weight Loss from Baby Weight: ‘Single Ladies’ Singer on Life After Blue Ivy’s Birth

Singer says a low-calorie diet and dancing helped with losing the weight she gained while pregnant. For more on this story, click here:…


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35 Responses to “Beyonce Weight Loss from Baby Weight: ‘Single Ladies’ Singer on Life After Blue Ivy’s Birth”

  1. She was never pregnant

  2. I’m 265 lbs. I know, damn. Come join my journey! The channel is

  3. Oh please where’s the before & after?? She was never pregnant I believe

  4. I think the real problem of why most men and women dont like beyonce is
    because their not fucking her

  5. queeeennnnn B I LOVE YOU MY QUEEN #BEYHIVE

  6. Hey beyonce look they lost weight too /watch?v=sNUkPxV5aJ8

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  9. no both way its gonna take allot of hard work

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  11. How to loose baby weight: pay a surrogate to carry your child. No
    judgement. Just tell the truth. Who cares?

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  14. Beyonce is such an inspiration, a wonderful human being, & so stunningly
    beautiful. This women does reign supreme and everyone knows so. All of
    Bey’s haters whether your in the same type of industry as her or a reg. joe
    erm.. stay mad!! & Bow down b*tchz!! Commentators who despise her or don’t
    like her music, don’t come around!! Its as simple as that.

  15. If u hate beyonce y type in her name watch video just to say u hate her or
    she fake wow …..

  16. 57 pounds…yea very realistic..any mother knows theres no way you gain
    that much during pregnancy

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  18. You worded your original comment funny. Instead of saying “Hey beyonce…”
    it would have better served your point to say instead “Hey ABC news…”,
    because now that I understand where you’re coming from…I couldn’t agree
    with you more!

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  23. Everyone is payed off to continue with these shenanigans. Jay Z has had
    many children BEFORE!!! Beyonce. Which the media refuses to mention & Bey
    has been caught shoving pillows down her stomach on live TV so these two
    illuminati puppets are not to be trusted nor the media.

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  26. if ever you get a free minute from hating go watch her documentary Life is
    But a Dream. Towards the end she is completely naked, baring her 9 MONTHS
    PREGNANT BELLY. She was huge . She gained 60 lbs . Also if you see pictures
    of her after giving birth you see the weight in her face and them hips
    don’t lie either !

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  31. She’s incredible.

  32. that oversinging airhead should NOT be a role model! losing weight too
    quickly metabolizes your muscle mass and breastfeeding mothers should NOT
    diet. Eating healthy foods is fine, dieting isn’t.

  33. i dont think she was never having a baby cuz she she pregnant with tht baby
    she was dancing with her

  34. yes she does :)

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