Benefits of Green Tea-Green Tea Diet

Benefits of Green Tea-Green Tea Diet Best diet to get lean and healthy What supplements does Jimm…


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23 Responses to “Benefits of Green Tea-Green Tea Diet”

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  6. Nice, but .I did -30 lbs in 2 month.More here

  7. i drink yerba mate since it is an old tradition here. i read that it is
    even better than green tea. some tests say that it has 3 times the number
    of anti-oxidants. but green tea is very good also.

  8. What are your thoughts on Oolong tea? Is it a good enough substitute for
    green tea, or should I make the switch? Thanks for the vid btw, very
    clearly explained information.

  9. Thats because it is less processed

  10. Jimmy I take a EGCG supplement, Does this providde the benefits listed, or
    do you need to drink the tea?

  11. ;I Guess My Sister Was Right, Lol’ ^_^

  12. And how do you take it for it to give you better results? Because I like
    brewing it then adding stevia and yellow lemons and ice, is that way
    healthy too? I love the fact that everytime I feel fatigue during the day,
    I take some cups of that and it makes me feel more alive and up, takes away
    my drowsiness.

  13. Dude you talk like Matt Davis. You freaked me out.

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  15. Ive heard recently that White tea is supposed to be even better that Green
    tea. Is there any proof to back that up or is green tea still better?

  16. Green works for real

  17. it does have some of the benefits yes

  18. I LOVE drinking a glass of strong green tea with fresh lemon sweetened with
    stevia. Adding lemon to the tea has many more benefits

  19. I know white tea is less processed. what i was asking is has there been any
    research to proove how big of a difference there is between the 2,

  20. So, how many milligrams are you recommending to take?

  21. great video

  22. good info, just picked up a box. looking forward to the benefits.

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