Aloe Vera (Drink) Juice & Green Tea Health Benefits

Review about Aloe Vera Juice and Green Tea. Both are available in my store or your local Asian Market. Below are links to the benefits I found online. Always…


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27 Responses to “Aloe Vera (Drink) Juice & Green Tea Health Benefits”

  1. Well just a FYI, that one is not healthy at all, the sugar content is way
    too high!!!

  2. @dish9901 Hey Dish! Thanks and thanks for watching!

  3. @lisa9047 Yea! Let me know how you like them :)

  4. this is lasts 2 days in my world, what a wonderful drink.

  5. Wonderful information. I haven’t tried the aloe juice yet, but I do drink
    green tea from time to time. Thanks for all the detailed benefits of the
    aloe juice. Happy Birthday to your mini me. LOL

  6. i liked this video. i am happy to be transitioning to natural at a young
    age (20) and it seems to really make you want to adopt a “healthier”
    lifestyle. i think the younger we start doing these things the better.

  7. @prettybrowneyescutie Thanks for watching!

  8. @NotoriousLYNappy1 It is REALLY good. Make sure it’s the Aloe Vera Juice
    NOT the gel. Get it from an Asian Market. Chill it and you’ll really like

  9. @meluvself You know, I’ve never had it from GNC. If you can, go to an Asian
    Market and purchase it. GNC is probably a little high.

  10. @watchfuleye2008 Gosh, we don’t even have a Trader Joe’s here. I’d like to
    visit that store :)

  11. love aloe vera juice. definitely regulates your bowels, haha. I’m going to
    subscribe. What’s your skin secret? you really have great skin and no

  12. have to go to the Asian spot but I am getting it tomorrow thanks.

  13. Excellent video and information. Happy Birthday to your daughter!:)

  14. @Tellylove12 Good for you! Yes, when you transition to the natural journey,
    you become more aware of your internal as well. One lady told me that by
    using natural products on your skin, you actually can stop the aging
    process. She’s in her late 40’s and she began using natural products in her
    30’s and she looks good. So, stop the process now at 20! You’re already
    good, so at my age (mid 30’s) you’ll be great!

  15. @sexyellex I drink the aloe vera juice when my daughter leaves extra. LOL!
    She drinks it like its water! I like the taste yet it does have little
    pieces in this brand. It’s odd because they’re so small that you can’t chew
    them so they’re kind of odd going down your throat. Not slimy, just odd.
    I’m going to see if I can find wheatgrass this weekend. Thanks for sharing!

  16. @veesee I have a friend in Guam April P. military family. Not sure how
    small it is there, yet you just might know her :) My daughter drinks it
    like its water here! LOL! I bet you are so healthy there!

  17. How can buy it , and where?

  18. @SPARKWISDOM I tried it plain and it wasn’t bad. Will start drinking it as

  19. all different ways to use with aloe vera!

  20. you guys are awesome….time to let that meat go, all of it….mom u
    married? damn

  21. @3000misslady Then your son must be unique too. LOL! This child of mine is
    so special. :)

  22. @Kimbi73 Hey Lady! That’s how I actually decided to include them. I had
    orders for Green tea because I was telling someone how much I enjoyed it.
    They wanted “my” brand. LOL! So, here it is.

  23. prettybrowneyescutie Reply November 8, 2013 at 10:23 am

    get info. thanks for posting

  24. @gunz543 We moved to Atlanta:)

  25. @Snuggles69247 LOL! Find a tea you like and you’ll be hooked. I drink lemon
    water sometimes, apple cider vinegar and Bigelow. Plus, green tea keeps you
    regular :)

  26. @patree79 Yes, she is my twin! I’d suggest drinking 2-3 cups a day.
    Remember, NO sugar! Use a natural sweetener or none at all.

  27. Happy Birthday, Mini Spark! I LOVE Green tea! I just tried Green Tea Chai
    today – it was good. However, I do add agave nectar to my tea. How does
    Aloe Vera juice taste? Do you take it everyday? Wheatgrass tastes
    like…well…grass but a local Raw Food Chef told me that it helped his
    skin and he drinks a cup a day! And his skin is just gorgeous. GREAT
    information – Thanks!

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