All About Detox Teas! | Recipes

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7 Responses to “All About Detox Teas! | Recipes”

  1. you have to put the honey and lemon after the the tea is a little bit coler
    so you dont destroy the proprieties of the honey and lemon cause honey on
    heat looses the antibacterial proprieties and the vitamine C that the lemon
    has is destroied by the heat sorry if i made writing mistakes english isnt
    my native language im from Romania,Europe

  2. Can I ask you what is the program that you use in your videos to make them
    beautiful like this ? 

  3. any advice on buying detox teas from walmart? i cant find the fit tea in
    any store

  4. Totally forgot to upload this yesterday, SO SORRY!! Hope you guys like
    these detox tea recipes :) :)

  5. Thank you for these lovely ideas. I just wanted to ask is there any benefit
    for including the Orange peel in the first tea or can we bypass that? Thank
    you and keep up your inspiring videos xx

  6. Cool and beautiful recipe like it ^^
    how about a review about that fittea ?

  7. I’m pretty sure you can’t use boiling hot water when making green tea cause
    its gonna taste bitter. I heard that the best temperature is around

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