Adele Weight Loss – Fat to Slim Transformation

Singer Adele is turning vegetarian to lose weight after fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld called her “too fat.” The 33-year-old Grammy winner and her 36-year-o…


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27 Responses to “Adele Weight Loss – Fat to Slim Transformation”

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  4. agreed but still pretty funny lol she looks great now though

  5. I guess you are the fattest bitch in this world

  6. Fat fuck

  7. she said that she loves eating and hates to exercise, how the fuck is that
    not going to affect her health, she’s just a dumb bitch who thinks that she
    has the best voice in the world.

  8. She looks the same weight lol. If you take out the fact that her black
    dress is all ruffled outwards, I bet if it were form fitting, it would show
    she hasn’t lost at all. 1 stone isn’t much. Try another stone or two and
    we’d actually see results.

  9. still fat

  10. Wow she is beautiful man

  11. She said she would only lose weight if it affects her health.

  12. how did her?

  13. Size 8-10 or smaller, to a normal person.

  14. Last time I checked, she was a vocalist, not a model people need to stfu
    about her weight as if they look any better smh

  15. the reason why she lost so much weight was after her vocal surgery.. not
    cause she walks her dog and looses weight while doing that. lmao & who
    cares if she lost weight or not? if she’s skinny or fat? she’s a singer not
    a model. and to me she’s beautiful.

  16. She’s beautiful.

  17. only difference is the dress

  18. She’s the fattest bitch in the world. 😀

  19. I think she looks absolutely beautiful no matter what her weight – the
    power of her smile, fleeting as it may be, towers over the waist of any
    stick-sized model. Her weight loss was gradual and healthy, and that’s all
    that matters.

  20. Жирная шлюха

  21. ‘my goal in life is to never be slim’ said adele, who is losing weight .__.

  22. Why do you have to use the word fat? Why is everyone so obsessed with
    weight. She was beautiful both sizes. I’m personally happy she lost her
    weight for health reasons. It should be associated with health not beauty
    at least. She’s fucking epic, we should all focus on that 😀

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  24. She just looks healthier.


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