♡Tea Detox Review F/ Urban Remedy

Learn more about Urban Remedy’s Tea Detox by visiting: https://www.urbanremedy.com/herbal-slimming-tea Options: 14-day Herbal Slimming Tea (42 bags total, 3 per day): $35 28-day Herbal…


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13 Responses to “♡Tea Detox Review F/ Urban Remedy”

  1. Does the new Urban Remedy Slimming Tea really work? Well…the results don’t
    lie. Tell me if you see a difference in my before and after pictures. You
    be the judge.

  2. Totally understand being on a schedule for every meal else it makes it
    difficult. For a quick list fix I usually juice. Else my everyday routine
    is drink all my water eat clean and exercise. Not stressing too much about
    it. I wish I was a few size down but right now I’m a size Beautiful with

  3. CherishMyDaughter Reply March 26, 2015 at 4:38 am

    Sometimes we need a little extra help, and the ingredients in the tea sound
    good. What have done to your locks for this look. I really like it! Is
    it a set?

  4. Yes there is definately a difference. You look great BG. Thanks for
    sharing this.

  5. Looking good BG!! In terms of a lifestyle change, you say that you’ve now
    been living the low carb lifestyle — I would enjoy a video re: meal prep
    surrounding this lifestyle! I’m curbing bread, rice, etc. slowly from my
    diet, but admittedly it can be hard to complete eliminate sometimes! I know
    you’re a chef and not a nutritionist/dietician but I’m interested in your
    thoughts! Thank you!

  6. Be very careful with watch the scale. 5 lbs of fat vs 5 pounds muscle look
    very different. 

  7. Great results in just one week! I would love to hear more about your low
    carb lifestyle. :-)

  8. I like the results that you got from this girl!! I’m currently on a no
    sugar diet trying to tone up my post baby belly and I see that these teatox
    teas are where its at!! What is your goal that you are trying to achieve?
    You look great already but how long do you plan on drinking the tea?

  9. Yes…I definitely see a difference. The after picture looks more toned.
    Does this tea, spot target fat or just an overall detoxification? 

  10. Jodi-Kay Edwards Reply March 26, 2015 at 6:28 am

    Sounds like it has a lot of good ingredients in it! :) I agree sometimes
    packaging is everything. :) Looks like it worked wonders for you girl! I
    laughed at that part haha mommy of three, you look good! Also doing the low
    carb thing, the struggle is real but the results are greattttt. 

  11. +BronzeGoddess01 Will you please do videos on the low carb way lifestyle?

  12. Going to try the tea see how it works 

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