Elence 2001 Plus Green Tea Intensive Scalp Hair Pack Hair Treatment for Promoting Hair Growth and minimizing Hair loss

Elence 2001 Plus Green Tea Scalp Hair Pack (Conditioner treatment)
Losing a lot of hair? Hair growing too slow?Do you want to have long hair for wedding or prom?Need to change your hairstyle? Need to promote hair growth really fast? Hair will feel light and less oily after just one usage!

Many people have problems with hair loss, not only men but also women. Finally, there is a product that can help you out. And it really works!! It stop all hair problems! Don’t wait any longer!!

An innovated Shampoo contains a combination of Green Tea and 32 precious herbal extracts which promote blood circulation in the scalp for hair growth in a short period of time, help prevent hair loss and gently treat damaged hair at the same time.

Elence 2001 Plus Green Tea Scalp Series is a intensive version of our Twin Scalp Series. It provides the same wonderful results as our Twin Scalp Series but are for people who require a stronger and faster result. Made in Japan

1. Promote blood circulation and supply nutrients to promote healthy scalp.

2. Improve hair growth cycle and promote hair growth.

3. Special formula to prevent hair loss, split ends, and breakage. For all hair types

I am giving you one shampoo with 3 travel packs so you can bring it out with you on vacation or to the gym.

If you need Ex.1, EX. 2 or EX. 3 you can contact me. Essences are also available. I also have other products as well. Please msg me for more details


Product Features

  • Intensive Hair Growth
  • For all hair types
  • Maintains healthy scalp
  • For Very Slow Hair Growth
  • Helps minimizes hair loss problems


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